Closings, Parking, & Cancellations

With the recent severe winter weather we have experienced and with more on the way, we want to remind everyone to check our website or our Facebook business page for any studio closings. If it is indeed on Tuesday/Wednesday colder than 10 below zero, we will likely close. No one needs to be out in weather like that especially children. We are supposed to get more snow as well. Munster has an ordinance that street parking is not allowed if it is snowing. Unfortunately, we have a single driveway, and one student may be leaving as another is arriving. Please be patient and perhaps allow a little extra time when dropping off and picking up. Also, please do not pull all the way up to the garage. Since we sometimes have one of our cars parked up to the garage, it is difficult for the next student arriving to know if your car is one of ours or not. If you pull up just to the walkway to the door and leave headlights on, the next student will know you are dropping off or picking up. Just a reminder that if we close due to weather, there is no charge for the lesson. However, we have had a slew of last minute cancellations over the last couple of weeks that were not weather related. First week of January we sent home an updated cancellation policy which states clearly 48 hours notice for a credit. Any cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged. We may be able to offer a make up lesson, but with as many students as we currently have, make up lesson times are limited. We currently have a waiting list for piano lessons. Try to make the lesson a priority as someone else would love to have that lesson spot! Thank you for your cooperation, and please stay safe and warm.

Happy Holidays & Lesson Schedule Reminder

Hope all of our students and families had a wonderful Christmas and have a very Happy New Year!

Just a reminder that our studio is closed until Monday, January 7th when lessons will resume.  If you wish to make changes to your or your child’s lesson day/time with the beginning of the new year, please email us at or message us via our Facebook business page at

Welcome & Congratulations


Larimer Music would like to welcome our newest student, Aubrey.  Aubrey is a piano student who attends Munster High School.  We are thrilled she has chosen to study with us.

Congratulations to our October Practice Minutes Contest winners-Brent for our 11-14 age group and Iris for our 10 and under age group.  November contest winners will be announced by the end of this week.  Way to go Brent and Iris!

Please note that we are discontinuing the contest for the months of December and January.  However, as our students have been doing a great job of practicing, let’s try to  keep it up even though the contest has been temporarily suspended.

Brent’s Solo

Since piano and vocal student, Brent, was unable to perform at our Holiday Recital last week, we recorded him playing and singing “The Anthem” in our studio this week.  We want to share this with all of you.  Great job Brent!

A Halloween Performance

Since our student, Logan, won’t be able to be with us for our Autumn Recital on November 16, his parents recorded a video of him performing Double Trouble from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  Logan is doing a great job of practicing and it shows by his performance.  Thank you Logan, this is terrific and just in time for Halloween!

Lesson Schedule Changes

As per request, here is our Revised Lesson Schedule for this Autumn.  We have had several student switch days and times in the last few weeks.  We have also had a few requests for a list of open days/times.  Below you will find the current lesson schedule, and a reminder about upcoming closures.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us here on the website or email text or call between 9 am and 1 pm Monday-Friday.

Thank you.

Recital Update & Policy Review

Our Autumn Recital is just around the corner.  With it so close, I want to give our new students some additional information regarding our Recital, and as a few issues have arisen this month with payment and policies, I want to address them as well. I will print this out and give a copy to each student next week.  As sometimes the printouts given to students don’t make their way into parents hands, I am also posting it here.  Hope to see all of you at our Recital November 16th!

September Practice Contest Winners


Congratulations to our winners of the September Practice Minutes Contest.  Our 11-14 winner was Logan and our 10 and under winner was Riley.  Both Logan and Riley received a Target gift card for practicing piano the most minutes during the month of September.  Remember pianists — practicing builds finger dexterity, note recognition, and muscle memory.  Practice=success!

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