Brent’s Solo

Since piano and vocal student, Brent, was unable to perform at our Holiday Recital last week, we recorded him playing and singing “The Anthem” in our studio this week.  We want to share this with all of you.  Great job Brent!

A Halloween Performance

Since our student, Logan, won’t be able to be with us for our Autumn Recital on November 16, his parents recorded a video of him performing Double Trouble from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  Logan is doing a great job of practicing and it shows by his performance.  Thank you Logan, this is terrific and just in time for Halloween!

Lesson Schedule Changes

As per request, here is our Revised Lesson Schedule for this Autumn.  We have had several student switch days and times in the last few weeks.  We have also had a few requests for a list of open days/times.  Below you will find the current lesson schedule, and a reminder about upcoming closures.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us here on the website or email text or call between 9 am and 1 pm Monday-Friday.

Thank you.

Recital Update & Policy Review

Our Autumn Recital is just around the corner.  With it so close, I want to give our new students some additional information regarding our Recital, and as a few issues have arisen this month with payment and policies, I want to address them as well. I will print this out and give a copy to each student next week.  As sometimes the printouts given to students don’t make their way into parents hands, I am also posting it here.  Hope to see all of you at our Recital November 16th!

September Practice Contest Winners


Congratulations to our winners of the September Practice Minutes Contest.  Our 11-14 winner was Logan and our 10 and under winner was Riley.  Both Logan and Riley received a Target gift card for practicing piano the most minutes during the month of September.  Remember pianists — practicing builds finger dexterity, note recognition, and muscle memory.  Practice=success!

Autumn Recital & New Student Welcome

Our next recital date is finally set for November 16, 2018 at 7:00 pm at Lansing Presbyterian Church.  Because this is so close to Thanksgiving and Christmas, we will be able to have a variety of holiday music.  Please mark your calendars for this event and come out and support our students.  Here is the flyer for our recital.  Don’t hesitate to share this with friends and family.  Larimer Music would also like to welcome new student, Lydia, to our music school.  Can’t wait to work with you Lydia!

Welcome, Recital, & Website Payments

Welcome back to Larimer Music Andy!  We are glad you have returned to our musical family.





The Calendar given to students at the beginning of our “School Year” lesson schedule has a tentative date of October 26 for our Autumn-Harvest Recital.  However, we are having difficulties securing a location for the recital.  If anyone knows of a facility (church, VFW, social center, meeting room in  country club, town hall, etc) where we may be able to hold our recital, please let us know.  We are willing to pay a reasonable rental fee, and we have our own small sound system and keyboard.  We need room for about 75 people.  As soon as we can secure a location, we will get all details to students and their families.

For those who pay online through the website and using Paypal, please ask about a different way to make your payment.  The website has some glitches, and it is charging us fees.  The convenience of having an online payment method means that most students are now utilizing it.  However, we endeavor to keep our lesson prices down, and with more using the website, the fees are becoming costly.  We have found another convenient payment method that doesn’t cost us as much.  Please ask.  Thank you!

Welcome New Students

Larimer Music would like to give a warm welcome to our newest piano students.  Back in June we added Lucy, Christina, and Hunter and in August added these three listed below.  We are excited to be working with you and to hearing all of you make beautiful music in our next recital!



2018-2019 School Year Lesson Schedule

Below is our 3rd Revised 2018-2019 School Year Lessons Schedule.  Wednesdays are completely filled up.  Don’t wait too late to get the day/time you desire.  Also, if you took some time off over the summer, and you are not planning to return, let us know please.  Thank you and hope to hear from more of you soon.  


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