As March is just around the corner, we wanted to let everyone know that Larimer Music will be closed for Spring Break from March 21 through March 27 When you make your tuition payments for March this coming week, please take that week off into account.

That said, there are a couple of reminders for everyone. Even though the lessons are 45-55 minutes each, very rarely are we finished in 45. Most of the time the lessons stretch to 50-55 minutes long especially with weather here meaning students have boots, coats, gloves etc to put on before leaving. We are STILL having an issue with students coming up to the door too early. Please please wait until only a minute or 2 before you or your students scheduled lesson time to ring the bell and enter. As this is a private home and not a commercial property, we have a very small entry area. Ms. Laura always escorts students to the door as they exit. If you/your students enters too early, then we have 3 in the tiny entryway at the same time. The prior lesson student is trying to put shoes/boots etc on and get out the door, and we have chaos in a small space. If you/your student arrives too early for their lesson (even if it is the first lesson of the day), please wait in the vehicle until a minute or two before lesson time before coming up to the door. Please use your cell phone to view the current time so that we all have the exact same time.

In this same vein, since we still have several students doing online lessons, you need to allow Ms. Laura a few minutes between the exiting prior student to wipe surfaces clean and reset electronic equipment and materials before the next lesson. Lately, we have been having an issue with the student calling us at lesson time instead of waiting until we contact the student. Unless we have are having technical issues, and ask you to call us (which does happen once in a while) please let us contact you. There may be many reasons why on occasion it is a minute or two after the hour by the time Ms. Laura gets the previous student out the door and resets her equipment for the next lesson. Your student will get his/her full 50-55 minutes even if it is a couple minutes after the hour when we contact him/her. We kindly ask that you be courteous not only to the other students, but to Ms. Laura. There are so many advantages to lessons in a private home rather than a studio, but it is important to always remember that this space is still someone’s home. As always, if you have any questions, please let us know. We sincerely hope that the bad weather is behind us now, and that everyone has a wonderful Spring Break!