Welcome back to Larimer Music Andy!  We are glad you have returned to our musical family.





The Calendar given to students at the beginning of our “School Year” lesson schedule has a tentative date of October 26 for our Autumn-Harvest Recital.  However, we are having difficulties securing a location for the recital.  If anyone knows of a facility (church, VFW, social center, meeting room in  country club, town hall, etc) where we may be able to hold our recital, please let us know.  We are willing to pay a reasonable rental fee, and we have our own small sound system and keyboard.  We need room for about 75 people.  As soon as we can secure a location, we will get all details to students and their families.

For those who pay online through the website and using Paypal, please ask about a different way to make your payment.  The website has some glitches, and it is charging us fees.  The convenience of having an online payment method means that most students are now utilizing it.  However, we endeavor to keep our lesson prices down, and with more using the website, the fees are becoming costly.  We have found another convenient payment method that doesn’t cost us as much.  Please ask.  Thank you!