We are closing in on the end of our summer lesson session which will end the week of August 5. Before we know it school will be resuming, and we will be beginning our School Year Lesson Session. This year school in our town begins Thursday, August 11; therefore, our school year lesson schedule will begin the week of August 22. We realize that 2/3 weeks is a long time to take a break, but students are encouraged to continue to play and sing during the time off. We only have 16 official time slots available. If everyone returns that took the summer off, we will have 18 students. A couple of students may wish to continue doing every other week lessons and switching off with another student. Please contact us about that possibility.

Below we have listed our tentative School Year Lesson Schedule. We will do our utmost to accommodate schedule requests; however, please give us your 1st and 2nd choice for day/time. Our students are active in so many things, that it just isn’t possible to give everyone their first choice at times. Please also note that our new prices are in effect, and that our tuition policy with the School Year Session returns to the paying for the whole month upfront, and 24 hours cancellation policy. *Please note that the students already on the schedule requested those days/times last Spring. However, if they wish to change and/or give us a 2nd choice, that would be great as it would give us more flexibility. We are aware that your choices may change as extracurricular activities at school may affect your students’ schedule; however, we would like to get something tentatively put together for beginning the week of August 22. Thank you. Please text or email us with questions.