Since we reopened for business in early April the month has flown by. School will be out before we know it, and we need to begin preparing for our Summer Lesson Session. Many of our students take the summer off. We currently have a waiting list of potential students wanting to get an open lesson slot. We need to get an idea in the next couple of weeks which students are planning to take summer lessons and which are taking the summer off. Then we will know how many on our waiting list can try out lessons during the summer. Please discuss summer lessons at home and let us know in the next few weeks you or your students plans for this summer.

Also, please be aware that we will be implementing a price increase this summer. We haven’t raised our lesson prices in 6 years, and unfortunately with inflation it has become necessary. Individual lessons will increase to $30 for 45-50 minute lessons. We will continue to have a discount for siblings. You will find that our prices are still lower than our competitors for a longer more personalized lesson. Email us with any concerns and summer plans. Thank you !