Students and Parents–Hope you are all well! We successfully completed 7 video piano and vocal lessons this past week. Next week we were scheduled to be off for Spring Break. I asked all 7 students to let me know if they wanted to go ahead and have their lesson next week since no one is going on a Spring Break trip, and to date only 2 of 7 have responded about next week. Please let me know by Sunday evening at 9 pm if you wish to take part in our video lessons for next week (March 22-29). Those of you who didn’t do a video lesson this past week, it’s not too late to ask to try one.

We do need to make a change or two to our video lessons for vocal students however. If at all possible, because of a few seconds of lag or delay, it’s too difficult to accompany the student singing on the piano. Vocal students should try to record themselves singing their assigned song and send to us an hour or two before their lesson time. That way we can listen and critique and then discuss and make corrections during the lesson. Please let us know about next week’s lessons. Thank you and stay healthy!