Thank you all for coming out to support our students Friday, November 10. We had a good crowd, and everyone seemed to enjoy hearing our students play piano and sing. Thanks to all who contributed to our refreshment table as well. Since several of our students couldn’t perform again this year due to conflicts with other depts at our local high school, we are thinking of maybe moving the Annual Recital to early summer in 2024. Perhaps we could have it on the first Friday in June or the last Friday in May. Most music schools hold their recitals in the Springtime as we used to many years ago. However, since we have so many students involved in the high school musical, sports and ISSMA choir and band contests, and prom in the spring, it became too difficult to find a date on which the majority of students could perform. If we had it perhaps the last Friday in May in 2024 or first in June, it would be after school is out but hopefully before those who take the summer off do so. Your feedback on this idea is most welcome.

Here is a group photo of the 19 out of 23 students who performed this November. We have such talented students! We are very proud of each and every one of them. It was a great evening!