Oh how we hate dealing with cancellations–but this week we have had several last minute cancellations after the lessons had already been prepared.  All students/parents are asked to sign an agreement once per year that includes our “cancellation policy”.  However, we find ourselves expected to “credit” these last minute cancellations.  This is a business and while Ms Laura enjoys teaching each and every student, it is still a business with expected income. While we understand that last minute things come up, people get ill, rides to lessons cannot be found, we usually will do our best to try to schedule a “make up” lesson. In all of these cases this week, the student/parent did not even ask about make up lessons and none of the cancellations were due to illness or an emergency. Larimer Music has quarterly business taxes to pay as well as expenses such as music, paper, toner, treats, plus time spent in preparation. Perhaps it is time to send out a new “Lesson Agreement” and have everyone sign and return. This is sad to have happen after such a wonderful recital.

Just as a reminder this is our cancellation policy from the Agreement:  “if you wish to be credited for a cancelled lesson, Larimer Music must be notified by SUNDAY by 10 PM” (although for Summer we will extend to Monday by noon).  Adherence to this policy will be greatly appreciated!  Thank you everyone.