All lessons for the next two weeks are cancelled. Video (either Facebook video or Facetime) lessons are an option instead however. We have a student who moved to New Hampshire several years ago who has continued his lessons weekly via Facebook video. This way your student will get his prepaid lessons, but he/she doesn’t have to leave your home. We simply connect via a Facebook account or using Facetime on your ipad or iphone or even on a laptop.

It is important that even if we aren’t able to do any type of lessons over the next few weeks, that our students practice current songs and review older songs and stay busy. Music has been proven to calm and soothe anxiety. This is a very stressful time for all of us and while I do think it’s important for life to go on as much as possible per usual, we do need to take more precautions. While we disinfect our music and waiting area daily we can’t disinfect everyone’s clothes, shoes, folders etc. Please keep checking for updates about when we will resume lessons and let us know if you would be willing to do a “video” lesson during our time off. We can talk about how to set that up. If you choose to completely take off lessons over the next couple of weeks, your prepaid lessons will be credited. Stay safe and healthy everyone. Thanks for your understanding and patience!