Our First Practice Winner!

Congratulations to Megan for winning our first “Practice Minutes” contest.  Our piano students under the age of 12 competed for four (4) weeks to see who could practice the most minutes with the winner receiving a gift card.  Megan came in 1st with 455 minutes beating out her closest competitor by only 5 minutes.  All of our piano students did a fantastic job during the competition.  Let’s see who can win this next 4 week challenge–will Megan remain the champion?  Or will she be unseated by the 2nd place finisher–Kate or Logan or maybe one of our newer students Elle or Brent? Check back to see who our next winner will be!

6th Annual Spring Recital Postponed

With much sadness, we are announcing that the 6th Annual Spring Recital scheduled for April 28 at 7 pm has been officially cancelled.  We want to thank the Hessville Christian Church for being willing to let us use their building, and every student and parent who was planning to perform for their support and flexibility.  Please check back here or on our website or our Facebook page for possible rescheduling dates.

Spring Recital News

It has come to our attention that as many as 5 or 6 of our Larimer Music students either will not be able to perform due to other commitments or simply don’t wish to perform at all in our 6th Annual Spring Recital.  We currently have 16 students, but when nearly half aren’t planning to participate in the recital, we need to consider either moving it to a different date or cancelling it altogether.  Recitals are a great opportunity to show your friends and families what you have accomplished through your private lessons, however, many students this Spring are new to lessons and feel they aren’t ready to perform yet.  We realize that many of you really look forward to the recitals and the chance to perform, but if we only have 7 or 8 of you performing before a very small audience, perhaps it would be better to wait until mid May or even June to have a recital with more performers and a bigger audience.  It may even be that we need to consider having only one recital per year — the Holiday one in December. Recitals are a great deal of work for everyone involved.  If there isn’t enough interest in doing a Spring Recital, we don’t have to do one–goodness knows with the school year ending soon, we all have plenty to keep us busy!  Please let us know how you feel about this via a comment here, on our Facebook page or via email or text message.

Spring Recital Announcement

With the recent snow, it certainly doesn’t feel like Spring time, but in just a few days Spring will officially be here. That means our 5th Annual Spring Recital is just around the corner.  Flyers should be coming home with our students this week and next. Please mark your calendars for this annual event!

Based on some comments we received after the Holiday Recital, perhaps it would be a good idea to remind students/families/friends of some basic recital etiquette.

  • Students performing in our recitals are all in different phases of their development as a pianist/singer. Students take piano lessons obviously to learn to play the piano, but singers take vocal lessons for a variety of reasons.  Some have ambitions to sing professionally, major in music in college, try out for local musical theater productions and some simply want to improve in pitch and sight reading to help them with their school or church choir.  No matter the ability level of the pianist or vocalist performing, they should be listened to with respect by the audience. All students benefit by performing in the recital as it helps develop confidence and the time spent preparing a song to perform is beneficial as well. Comments that other students were whispering to each other and visibly texting while other students are performing are troublesome as it’s disrespectful to the performer.
  • That “student played poorly/too fast/slow/was too quiet/went off pitch, etc and it was hard to sit through his/her performance” is another comment heard recently. Some of our students are quite advanced but get very nervous about performing in front of an audience and therefore tend to play slowly with hesitation.  Other pianists are beginners and the songs are very short and simple but nervousness cause the pianist to play too quickly, so he/she is only up front for 2 minutes or less.  Some singers do very well in our studio, but get so nervous performing that they forget lyrics, sing too quietly or even occasionally sing off pitch. Regardless of the quality of the performance, this student has worked very hard on the song(s) being performed, and deserve an attentive audience.

Let’s try to listen and enjoy each performance during the Spring Recital and keep in mind all the hard work that has gone into that performance.  None of us is perfect and no matter how prepared, we all make mistakes–even professionals.  We should be encouraging to the student as it’s hard to put oneself out there open to criticism.  This isn’t “The Voice” after all, but a local music school filled with students doing their best to show off what they have been working on in lessons!  Thanks everyone.



Valentine’s Day Piano Games

One of our students’ favorite games is our Valentine’s Day game where they select a word from a pile of words and spell it out on the piano keys using candy hearts.  Here are two of our students with the colorful results of this year’s Valentine’s Day game–Kate and Megan.  This reinforces piano key (note) identification, and is lots of fun as students get to then “eat” the candy hearts.  

Nadia – TF South HS Talent Competition 2017

We are so proud.  Our student, Nadia, and her friend, Essences, recently competed in the TF South High School Talent Competition and were awarded 2nd place.  Here is their performance.  Nadia is on the left side and Essences on the right.  Beautiful job ladies especially since their accompanist wasn’t able to play for them and they had to sing acapella and had microphone issues.  Despite that–they stepped up and performed like professionals !

Spring Break News

On our lesson calendar for 2016-2017 it says “Spring Break” March 27 through April 2 we will be closed.  That is no longer true.  At the time the calendar was printed, we had planned to be closed as we would be out of town.  We are no longer going to be away that week.  As Spring Breaks vary depending on schools, please be aware that you need to let us know if you are planning to take your/your child’s Spring Break off of lessons.  Otherwise we will be open every week until the middle of May. We apologize for any inconvenience!

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