Your Feedback is Wanted

Our last Holiday Recital was a wonderful evening and our students performed very well. The cost of having recitals continues to climb however.  We asked last Fall for suggestions for a venue in which to hold our recitals and asked about the possibility of charging a low “ticket” price to help cover the cost, but we didn’t hear back from anyone. This time we are seriously hoping to get some feedback on the recital issue.  If we are going to have a Spring or early Summer Recital in 2018, it is time for us to begin looking at dates and venues.  We have noticed that the number of people attending continues to go down with each recital, which leads us to feel that perhaps we are doing them too often.  So, should we only have one recital per year as do most music schools?  Or should we continue doing them on a  Summer/Winter twice per year schedule?  Please take a minute to answer our question regarding a 2018 Spring or Summer Recital.  If you vote yes, please consider giving us some suggestions for a venue to hold the recital.  Thank you everyone!

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Piano Practice Tips

If  your young piano player is having difficulty with a particular spot or measure in a song,  have him/her slow down a little right before it and make sure its played correctly.  Then have him/her play it again a little faster until he/she can play it correctly without slowing first. A young piano student should never stop completely as that breaks the flow of the song and teaches the muscle memory to pause or stop.  Also,  ask him/her not to go back to the beginning and start over each time.  The pianist should only go back a measure before the problem measure.  Studies of piano practice methods have proven this to be the best way to progress into a pianist with lovely flowing technique.