Calling all students–help Larimer Music gain new students!  Currently we have 4 openings for new students. Several music schools in the area are advertising for teachers (especially piano), so there must be a high demand for private lessons.  Then, why isn’t Larimer Music getting many of these piano students?  We are advertising as much as possible, but so often its word of mouth that gains us new students.  So, we are asking you to please tell your friends about Larimer Music.  As incentive, if someone you know signs up for 4 lessons with Larimer Music, you will receive a $25 gift card of your choice.

Ask for business cards to distribute to those you know who may be interested or send them to this website or our Facebook page for more information.  Remember to tell them that the first lesson is complimentary.  Everyone should learn how to express him/herself through music–it truly is the window to the soul!