Temporary Closing

Just a reminder that we will be closed from Monday, October 31 (Happy Halloween!) through Monday, November 7. We will be reopening on Tuesday, November 8.  Please have a safe Halloween, and if you would like to reschedule your lesson to another day when we reopen, please contact us.



One of the things that I have been trying to encourage with our young pianists is composing songs.  Elly, who is 9 years old, was given several blank measures of manuscript paper, a Halloween theme, and told to write her song in 4/4 timing. This is the result, her first song writing endeavor, Haunted House.  Great job Elly!  Looking forward to more of Elly and other students’ musical creations.

Holiday Recital/Program Set

snowmen-carols1Larimer Music has been invited to present a Recital or Program once again this year for First Christian Church of Hessville in Hammond on Friday, December 2.  The church had their holiday banquet in mid November last year, and we provided a program of oldies and modern music. This year, we will be providing a program of approximately 45 minutes with a blend of Christmas/Holiday music and contemporary music.  The church will be selling tickets to their Holiday turkey dinner that will take place beforehand.  All students and friends and family are invited to purchase tickets and attend the dinner as well as coming to hear our program (the program portion is free of charge).

The ticket price (for the optional dinner) and the exact time of our recital/program will be posted in the next couple of weeks.  Mark your calendars and check back for more information!


2016-2017 Lesson Calendar

Here is our lesson schedule for this “school” year.  Holidays, breaks, and recitals are listed.  For those students who received a hard copy of this calendar, please note the Holiday Recital tentative date change.  As we get closer to the recital, check here for more information as to time and place! 2017_calendar-copy


This is my son, Adam, a first year law student at IU’s Mahrer Law School in Bloomington, Indiana.  Adam plays keyboard and guitar and enjoys songwriting. Here is one of his original songs:



This is Breni who was a vocal student for three years while she was in high school.  She is currently finishing up her education at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter.

We are so proud of her.  Listen to one of her latest songs:


Freeing the music in the soul