Happy New Year

To all of Larimer Music’s students and their families:

Our 2018 lesson schedule is changing as well as our 2018 lesson prices.  Check our website under “Instructors &  Pricing” for changes (a letter will also be emailed to parents who are affected by the price change) and check back here later this week for a tentative lesson schedule.  Enjoy the holiday and stay warm!!

Holiday Concert Success


Last night’s Holiday Concert was a success!  All of our students did their very best and all their hard work paid off.  We had a large audience, delicious cookies, and a wonderful time.  Thank you to all who contributed with cookies and cups.  So proud of all of our students.  Let’s keep up the good work in 2018!

If anyone has any videos or photos they would like to share from last night, please let us know.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Holiday Concert News

Hello Students & their Families & Friends,

Our annual Holiday Concert is coming up Friday, December 22 at 7 pm.  Last week an informational flyer was sent home with each student.  The flyer covers the time for students to arrive, what to wear and asks for donations of cookies, plates, cups, napkins, etc .(we still need a few more items) We also realize that sometimes the information we send home with students doesn’t actually make its way into parents’ hands, so we are posting it here for you:

Pumpkin Decorating Winner

This year we asked our students 12 and younger to participate in a paper pumpkin decorating contest to help make our music studio more festive for Halloween.  All of the pumpkins were creative and fun, however we had to select a winner.  Since we wanted an impartial judge who didn’t know the students, we allowed our 5 year old granddaughter to pick her favorite as the winner.  Kate’s pumpkin (bottom right) was chosen.

Kate won a gift bag of treats.  Congratulations Kate!
All the pumpkins are up in our music studio, and the best part of all is that they can be used again and again at Halloween, and we will have a remembrance of our wonderful students for years to come.  Thank you students for participating in the contest and making our music studio Halloween ready!


Holiday Recital Changes–Opinions Wanted!

Due to the inconvenient location of the Hessville Christian Church to all of our students, we are looking to move our our Annual Holiday Recital scheduled for Friday evening, December 22 at 7 pm to a new location. We have students from Munster, Lansing, Highland, Dyer, Schererville and Crown Point.  The church in Hammond has been kind enough to let us use their facilities in the past, but it is not in a central location, and the trains continue to be a problem as well as construction in that area.  Lansing Presbyterian Church on Ridge Road between Burnham Avenue and Torrence Avenue has hosted fundraisers for TF South High School that we have attended.  It has a very nice kitchen/hall that is all on one floor with no stair climbing required.  Since it’s only about 2 miles over the Indiana/Illinois state line, the location is much better for everyone.  The only draw back is that since none of our students are members of the church, the fee for renting the hall is rather steep, plus we would have to bring our own sound system and keyboard and set up and clean up ourselves.  The increase in the cost of holding our recital there may mean charging a small ticket price or at the very least having a “donations” box on the refreshment table.

Perhaps one of you know of another church or community center where we can hold our recital.  If you do know of somewhere, please email or call us as soon as possible.

What does every think of changing the location?  Asking for donations?  Any other opinions or suggestions?

September Winners

Congratulations to Logan and Brent who tied for most practice minutes for the month of September. They both practiced over 400 minutes. September was a very close race. Logan and Brent beat out 2nd place finishers Audrey and Iris by only 10 minutes. Keep up the great work everyone!

Wanted – New Students

UPDATE: Thanks for the help students! I now have 2 of the 3 open slots filled. I still have room for 1 more–tell your friends!

Larimer Music has 3 open lesson slots-2 on Tuesday and 1 on Thursday. We would love to fill those open lesson times. If you know someone who may be interested in either piano or vocal lessons, please ask us for a business card or simply give them our website or phone number. If they sign up for a month of lessons, you get a free lesson and our most sincere thanks.

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