This is Breni who was a vocal student for three years while she was in high school.  She is currently finishing up her education at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter.

We are so proud of her.  Listen to one of her latest songs:


2 thoughts on “Breni”

    1. Hi Andy,

      Thanks for the email. Many of my students live in Lansing as I worked at TF South High School in the music department for several years, and I am only 1 mile for the Munster/Lansing border. Let me know what your schedule is like, and we will see if we can set up a free consultation (mini piano lesson). I’m assuming you would need a later in the day lesson time if you work regular hours M-F. At this time, I have a Tuesday at 7:15 pm open, a Wednesday at 7 pm open, and a Thursday at 6 pm open. However, this week is a difficult one for me as my husband had oral surgery and is home recuperating. If we could schedule the free consultation for one of those times next week, that would be great. Of course, if you work shift work and can come earlier in the day, I have some lesson times open before 4 pm also. Let me know what might work for you, and thank you for your interest in Larimer Music!


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